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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the process that a web developer or SEO expert uses to improve search engine rankings. In search results, Google™ shows links to pages it considers relevant, trustworthy and authoritative. Infinite Webdesign make it their business to be completely up to date with the latest Google algorithms and the processes required to ensure your website ranks correctly, every site is different but a summary of what we offer is as follows:

Content & Keyword Analysis

By analyzing your websites content and keywords, we can ascertain if all of Google’s algorithm guidelines are being met. We undertake thorough keyword research and advise you on the correct density usage. Simply piling in your chosen search term repeatedly no longer works!

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Meta Titles, Tags & Descriptions should all be relevant to your pages subject matter and include your chosen keyword/phrase. They should also be at a certain length in order for Google to properly understand the subject matter of your page. This is ever changing and competition is fierce, we make it our business to keep up to date with all Google algorithm changes!

XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all of the pages on your site by their URL, it informs the search engines about your sites structure and makes pages more easily crawlable for indexing. Not having an XML sitemap does not mean your site will not be indexed, but it is widely accepted that it significantly speeds the process up

Search Directory Submissions

Search Engine Directory Submissions are vital for new websites and indeed those that have undergone significant changes to structure. Complimenting your websites XML Sitemap, search engine URL submissions effectively force the search engines hand into indexing your new pages, a process that could otherwise take weeks or months

Link Building

Back Link Building – the most fundamental and arguably the most beneficial activity for SEO strategy. Without high quality ‘Do Follow’ links from other sites with a high domain authority, your site WILL NOT rank. It is a complex and time consuming task, let us handle that for you!


Not only does having Google Analytics installed on your website give you brownie points from Google themselves, it is also a highly informative tool that can help you to properly understand the behavior of your visitors. By monitoring your websites traffic and it’s source, you can quickly make the relevant changes to keep people coming back and staying for longer / engaging more.

Infinite Digital Media – SEO Specialists

Infinite Digital Media are time served professionals who understand exactly what the search engines are looking for. Let us do the work for you and get you on your way up the search rankings. We offer various packages to suit every budget and circumstance, from one off on-page optimization through to ongoing SEO campaigns.


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Clean,clear & easy to navigate websites, jam packed with SEO in order to stand the best possible chance in the search engines

SEO Services

Being found in the search engines important to your business? Then look no further, Infinite Webdesign offer a range of SEO services and ongoing packages to help your website achieve it’s potential

Digital Marketing

Helping you to gain as much digital exposure as possible, from one off email marketing campaigns to ongoing PPC advertising, check out our Digital Marketing services

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Fast, reliable, secure and most importantly – exceptional value for money. We provide Web & Email Hosting at highly competitive prices


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